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Web Map Tool 

Use our web map tool to locate various sanitary and storm sewer features such as manholes and main lines. Additional information can be accessed by left-clicking on a mapped feature. Tools for tasks such as searching for an address or printing a paper copy are located along the top of the map. Cities should be contacted directly for detailed system information as indicated on the map.

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Boundaries & Districts
Limited Development Review
Environmental Review
Site Development Permit
Additional Permits

Clean Water Services must hold easements for all public sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water quality/quantity facilities and vegetated corridors. For new development, most easements will be documented on the plats. Plat review is part of the Site Development process. Before construction starts, any off-site or unplatted easements must be approved and accepted by the CWS. Please refer to Standard language for platted easements for additional information.

Easement Vacation (Quit Claim)

In order for CWS to give up legal interest in an easement, the applicant must submit the required information and fee. If a facility in an easement is being relocated, the easement cannot be vacated until the relocation is complete and accepted by CWS.

Encroachment Approval

Only with CWS staff approval may a permanent structure be placed on or above a sanitary sewer or storm and surface water management easement. An approved encroachment must not limit CWS access to the facility for maintenance and repair. Approval is required for buildings and elevated structures such as decks and overhangs. To apply, submit information about the size and reason for the requested encroachment with the fee.

New or Repaired Laterals

Get a permit for new laterals or repairs in the right-of-way:

Inspection and installation procedures:

Erosion Control

Erosion Control Standard Details

1200-C or 1200-CN

Single Family Erosion Control Template

Design Standards
Private Water Quality Facility

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