Give Thanks for Your Toilet

The toilet — something many of us take for granted several times a day. It's a startling statistic that today nearly half the world’s population live without a “safely managed sanitation service” — meaning a toilet, not shared with other households, that treats or disposes of human waste on site, stores it safely to be emptied and treated off-site, or connects to a functioning sewer.

If you have a toilet, the United Nations — which every year uses World Toilet Day to raise awareness of the 3.6 billion people living without access to safely managed sanitation — encourages you to thank it for these nine reasons:

1. Taking away our pee and poop.
2. Keeping human waste out of our water and food chains.
3. Maintaining our dignity.
4. Protecting us from killer diseases like cholera…
5. …and helping reduce malnutrition…
6. ...which helps keep children in school…
7. …and when there are toilets at school, no one has to stay home while they’re menstruating…
8. …and the same goes for having decent toilets at work and in all other places.
9. And finally, we can thank toilets for creating lots of jobs. Sanitation systems need people to run them, 24/7, 365, forever.

Clean Water Services customers have additional reasons to feel fortunate about toilets: we recover valuable resources from what you flush down them. To us, the water leaving homes and businesses is not really “wastewater” — it’s resource water, ready to be transformed into clean water, fertilizer and energy.

The process of containing, transporting and treating that wastewater is complex, fascinating and necessary for our health and safety. In an average day, we clean over 65 million gallons of wastewater to some of the highest safety and quality standards in the nation.

Show gratitude to your toilet and the people who work round-the-clock to ensure our One Water is clean and safe by never flushing anything other than poop, pee, and toilet paper. Products like wipes, hygiene products, facial tissues, mop refills, and paper towels don’t dissolve, which can clog pipes and cause expensive — and time consuming — repairs for homeowners and at our water resource recovery facilities.



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