Pool & Hot Tub Water

Pool and hot tub owners have an important role to play in protecting our water, wildlife and plants. Pool and hot tub water contains high levels of chlorine and other contaminants that should never be dumped into the street or storm drains, because they flow to the nearest stream.

  1. Remove the chlorine. Use dechlorination chemicals, or leave the pool/hot tub uncovered and untreated for at least two weeks.
  2. Use test strips to check that the chlorine is gone.
  3. Discharge the water into your yard (not the neighbors' yard!) or the storm sewer system.

Tip: In the past, some pools were installed to discharge to the street. Telltale signs include water flowing from the pipe in front of your house when you drain your pool, or bleach marks around the mouth of the pipe.

Pool Filter Backwash Water

Water from the filter has a high concentration of hair, skin and other contaminants and belongs in the sanitary sewer system, just like water from your toilet or shower. 

How to Get It Right

  • Decholorination supplies and test strips are available from a pool dealer.
  • Connecting your pool/hot tub to the sanitary sewer system may be a do-it-yourself job, or may require assistance from a plumber.
  • Questions? Contact our Source Control Department at 503.681.5175 or sc@cleanwaterservices.org

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