Clean Water Hero Program

We offer free technical assistance to help you create a rain-friendly landscape.

  • Want to go green but don't know how?
  • Want a free consultation from a stormwater design expert?
  • Want to protect our streams and the Tualatin River?

If so, apply now for our Clean Water Hero Program! This program provides up to three hours of on-site technical assistance to help you create a sustainable stormwater landscape that will reduce polluted runoff from your property and maintain the health of our local waterways. Our expert will help create a design that will increase your property value and enhance the livability of our Tualatin River Watershed. We'll help you become a Clean Water Hero and be the talk of your neighborhood.


Build Your Own Rain Garden

Rain gardens are a great way to celebrate rain and protect our streams while adding beauty to your yard. Learn more about how to create a rain garden in your yard.

Learn About Rain Barrels

Just one inch of rain falling on a 1,000 square-foot roof produces 625 gallons of water. Learn more about your options for collecting and saving water.

Native Plants for Property Owners

Washington County residents can receive free plants each fall for their property.

Existing or New Water Quality Facilities

Are you building a new home on a lot that requires on-site stormwater treatment? Download a fact sheet (PDF, 917KB) with information for you and your builder. 

Do you have a water quality facility at your home? Learn more (PDF, 992KB) about how to maintain it. 

Receive news on what we are doing in the community and our innovative solutions to continue on providing clean water.