Do the Doody

Dog poop that's left on the ground runs into storm drains and makes our water dirty. Grab a bag before your next walk, and tell your friends to do the same. Our water will be much healthier. 

Raise your hand or paw to pledge to protect our Tualatin River Watershed and receive a FREE bandana! Program available for Washington County, Oregon residents only.

You can help keep our water safe, follow these easy steps:

  1. Pick up after your pet.
  2. Throw pet waste into a garbage can.
  3. Contact us for a FREE Canines for Clean Water bandana.
  4. Send us a photo of your handsome hound wearing the bandana. 

Did you know?

Our local rivers and streams have fecal bacteria that exceed clean water standards. According to a DNA study (PDF, 335KB), dog waste alone accounts for almost 15 percent in some local streams.

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