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Your concerns are very important to us!

If you witness a problem that is an immediate threat to public health or property, please call Clean Water Services' 24-hour response line at 503.681.3600.

For general questions:

Report Illegal Dumping

Remember, what goes down the storm drain goes to the nearest stream and eventually the Tualatin River. Unfortunately, some people use storm drains to dump hazardous waste which kills fish and pollutes our watershed. If you see someone dumping paint, oil, soap, fertilizer or other waste into a storm drain, report it to our Environmental Services department at 503.681.5175. If you have questions or concerns about pesticides, call our Natural Systems department at 503.681.3680.

Concerned about flooding?

Visit our Flood Facts page for more information about flood-related problems.

Concerned about wildlife?

Learn more about beneficial and invasive wildlife.

Questions about sewer backups? 

See our Sewer Repairs on Private Property (PDF, 1.9MB) brochure. 

Want to do more?

Volunteer to mark neighborhood storm drains or take steps to be a Clean Water Hero at home and in your neighborhood.

The Tualatin River is 80 miles long.

The Tualatin River

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