Stormwater Program

Clean Water Services’ Industrial and Commercial Stormwater Program works to reduce pollutant loads in stormwater runoff to the Tualatin River Watershed focusing on source control Best Management Practices (BMPs).

The stormwater drains within Clean Water Services’ area lead to local streams or the Tualatin River and our actions have a direct impact on the watershed. Dumping or routing wastewaters or other contaminants into the stormwater drainage system is prohibited by our Ordinance 27.

Industrial Stormwater Discharge Permit

Based on federal regulations, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit coverage is required for industrial facilities that discharge stormwater from their industrial areas to surface waters of the state, or to storm drains that discharge to surface waters.

Clean Water Services' Environmental Services Division manages a portion of this NPDES program through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Specifically, we administer the DEQ NPDES 1200-Z General Permit within our service area. If your industrial facility falls under the scope of these regulations, you need to apply for this permit with Clean Water Services' Environmental Services in order to discharge stormwater associated with industrial activities to the surface water system. See the Code of Federal Regulation part 122.26 (b)(14) or Table 1 of the 1200-Z General Permit for a list of industrial facilities that are required to obtain this permit.


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Wash Water Program

Clean Water Services' Wash Water Program applies to your business if you wash or steam clean vehicles or other equipment, including buses, rental cars, new and used autos on lots, fork lifts, golf carts, riding lawn mowers.

Vehicle and equipment washing operations must discharge all wastewater with soap or chemicals to the sanitary sewer system, or apply for a NPDES permit from DEQ. The urbanized area of Washington County has separate sanitary sewer and stormwater conveyance systems and most likely, DEQ will require discharges from washing activity to be routed to the  sanitary system. In order to  discharge wash water to the sanitary system, you will need to obtain a Clean Water Services Wash Water Permit and meet Clean Water Services' Wash pad requirements.

Water Quality Facilities

Clean Water Services and its member cities have initiated a program to regularly inspect and support maintenance of privately owned water quality facilities. These facilities are constructed to protect precious water resources by removing pollution from stormwater runoff. Water quality facilities are required by law and must comply with Clean Water Services’ municipal stormwater (MS4) permit and DEQ regulations.

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