Scoop It Up

Healthier Water Is One Scoop Away

Pet waste that's left on the ground can send harmful bacteria into storm drains and make our water dirty.

Remember to grab a bag as you head for your next walk, and encourage family and friends to do the same. Be a good neighbor and remember – healthier water is one scoop away!

Help keep your water safe:

  1. Raise your hand or paw and pledge to protect the Tualatin River Watershed.
  2. Grab a bag when taking your dog on a walk.
  3. Set a time and pick up pet waste in your yard at that time each day.
  4. Throw all pet waste into the garbage.


Did you know?

Our local rivers and streams have fecal bacteria that exceed clean water standards. According to a DNA study (PDF, 335KB), dog waste alone accounts for almost 15 percent in some local streams.

Learn more ways you can help keep our water clean

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