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Invasive non-native plants

Check out our catalog of invasive non-native plants. These plants should NOT be planted and should be removed. Have these in your yard? Why not replace with one of our native plant suggestions?

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Go native in your yard

Create natural landscaping that needs less watering and chemicals, and is resistant to pests and diseases. Attract birds, butterflies and beneficial wildlife to your yard. Reduce erosion and protect water quality.

We've taken the headache out of finding the right Pacific Northwest native plants for your yard. Choose your soil type, sunlight needs, growing rate, plant and foliage type. The Native Plant Finder will do the work to suggest the right plants for your landscape. You'll in turn reduce water pollution and stormwater runoff for clean rivers and a healthy watershed.

The Native Plant Finder features 50 common native plants. There are approximately 450 native species in the Pacific Northwest. We are continually adding more plants in order to give you a larger representative sample.

Once you choose the right plants for your yard, visit a local native plant sale to get started.

For additional native plant information, check out the book, Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast: Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Alaska, by Jim Pojar and Andy MacKinnon. Special thanks to Craig W. Edminster from Pacific Northwest Natives in Albany, Oregon.

Happy and healthy gardening!


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