Leaf Disposal and Food Drive

The leaf disposal program helps to control localized flooding caused by leaf-clogged storm drains. It helps keep nutrients from decaying yard debris out of local creeks, wetlands and the Tualatin River. The program is funded by Clean Water Services' $6.25 per month Surface Water Management (SWM) fee. The SWM fee pays for flood management and water quality protection and improvement programs including street sweeping, 24-hour emergency flood response, catch basin cleaning, water quality monitoring, watershed planning and public education.

Check back next fall for leaf collection dates and locations.

This year Washington County residents cleared 105 dump truck loads of leaves from neighborhood streets and donated 3,406 pounds of food and $282 to the Oregon Food Bank. Clean Water Services composts about 10,000 cubic yards of leaves each year which includes leaves from our regular street sweeping program, curbside leaf collection and the annual leaf disposal program. That translates into about 1,000 dump truck loads per year (an average dump truck holds about 10-12 cubic yards). Leaves are taken to West Union Gardens and made into mulch.


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