Connection Permits

The District issues sanitary and storm sewer connection and disconnection permits in unincorporated urban Washington County, and within the Cities of Banks, Durham, Gaston (sanitary only), King City, and North Plains. The other Cities issue connection permits within their city limits. Connection permits are issued before building permits.

Sanitary Sewer System Connection Permit

This permit is required for new connections and changes in existing connections. Fees are based on the number of Dwelling Units for residential properties, and on fixture counts for non-residential properties.

Storm and Surface Water Management System Connection Permit

This permit is required when construction or other activities increase the area of impervious surface on a property. The fee for single family residences and duplexes assumes 2,640 square feet of impervious surface per unit. Multi-family and commercial property fees are based on the area of impervious surface—roof, pavement, sidewalk, gravel, etc.—on the site. (2,640 sq. ft = 1 Equivalent Dwelling Unit or EDU)

Line Tap Permit

A Line Tap permit and fee is required for each new lateral connection to the public sanitary and storm sewer systems.

Temporary Sanitary Sewer System Connection Permit

Any temporary connection to the sanitary sewer system for more than six months, such as a construction trailer, requires a permit. The fee is based on the duration of the connection.

Industrial Connection Permit

A separate connection permit is required to discharge wastewater from non-domestic sources like manufacturing processes. See Business & Industry for more information.

Permits & Development

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