Permitting Process

The permitting process is intended to be comprehensive process and provides a permit in a relatively short time frame. However, some projects can add complexity to the process. Generally there are 3-4 plan reviews conducted by Clean Water Services during the permitting process. Please check the Permitting Process Flow Chart (PDF, 252KB) to see a general overview of the permitting process.

Plan reviews or activities conducted by the District to help you obtain the permits you need to start construction include the following:

  1. Environmental Review: A review conducted to make sure the development proposed complies with environmental regulations.
  2. Limited Development Review: A review to determine if minor development activities require District permits or conflict with public sanitary or storm pipes and associated easements.
  3. Site Development or Plan Review: If your development project is currently in the Land Use process at the City or County, a Site Development Review is required to obtain a Stormwater Connection Permit.
  4. Erosion Control or 1200-C Permit or 1200-CN Permit: A Clean Water Services Erosion Control Permit or a DEQ 1200-C or 1200-CN Permit may be required.
  5. Inspections: After the Pre-Construction meeting is conducted and construction has been begun, the project will require Clean Water Services inspections if it is located within unincorporated Washington County.

Easement Services

  • Easements
  • Easement Vacation (Quit Claim)
  • Encroachment

Connection Permits

  • Sanitary Sewer System Connection Permit
  • Storm and Surface Water Management System Connection Permit
  • Line Tap Permit
  • Temporary Sanitary Sewer System Connection Permit
  • Industrial Connection Permit

Disconnection Permits and Exemptions

  • Disconnection Permit
  • Storm and Surface Water Management System Exemption


Permits & Development

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