Regional Stormwater Management Charge Adopted

Clean Water Services' Board of Directors adopted Ordinance 40 establishing the Regional Stormwater Management Charge (RSMC) on February 18, 2014. The RSMC will be applied to development or redevelopment of properties served by regional stormwater management approaches in the North Bethany Area.

The Regional Stormwater Management Charge Methodology describes the basis for the charge and how it will be applied. If you'd like to be added to a mailing list for notifications regarding the RSMC, email us or call (503) 681-3600.

Site Assessment Pre-Screen Form available online

As part of the Environmental Review process a Sensitive Area Pre-Screen Form must be filled out to see if there are resources or Sensitive Areas within 200 feet of the site proposed for development. The Pre-Screen Form is now available electronically for your convenience.

Stormwater Design Standards Presentation for APWA Spring School

Low Impact Development Handbook for the Tualatin Basin

Clean Water Services and its partners completed the Low Impact Development Approaches Handbook to promote sustainable development practices for Tualatin River Watershed in 2009. Low Impact Development Approaches (LIDAs) can maximize a site's potential by reducing or incorporating the area needed for stormwater management and water quality treatment while protecting natural resources and habitat.

Updated Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Adopted

Clean Water Services recently completed a two-year analysis of sanitary sewer capacity needs to serve the growing Washington County population, and on May 26, 2009 the Board of Directors adopted the Updated Sanitary Sewer Master Plan. The Plan is based on modeling of sanitary sewer flows anticipated from development of areas recently incorporated into the Urban Growth Boundary, infill development, and potential Urban Reserve areas.

The plan recommends the upsizing of numerous lateral, trunk and interceptor sewers, pump stations and force mains, and sizing of trunk lines to be extended to serve those areas anticipated for development. These recommendations will be incorporated into the 5-Year Sewer Capital Improvement Plans of the District and its member cities.

The capacity enhancement projects identified in the plan and accompanying cost estimates are used to help forecast financial needs and System Development Charges. The plan will serve as a guiding document for prioritizing Sanitary Sewer Projects for the next 7 to 10 years. If you have questions regarding the plan, contact the Conveyance Engineering Division at (503) 681-3615.

Read the 2009 Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Update

Developer Liaison Committee News and Notes

Developers are invited to attend the District's Developer Liaison Committee (DLC) meetings. Read the meeting notes and the list of issues to be discussed. Learn more...


Permit Application Forms

Please fax completed forms to (503) 681-4439 or mail to:

Clean Water Services
2550 SW Hillsboro Highway
Hillsboro, OR 97123

If you have questions, please call (503) 681-5100.

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