There are many types of inspections conducted by District staff. The type of inspection is dependent on the project activity.

Inspection Types

  1. Erosion Control Inspection
    This inspection is required for single family home owners to occur prior to any footings constructed and for any other development, prior to any disturbance. 24 hours notice is required.
    Erosion Control Vendors & Plant Resources (PDF, 31KB)
  2. Public Sanitary and Storm Sewer System Inspection and Approval for Acceptance
    48 hours notice is required.
  3. Maintenance Period Inspection and Completion
    After one year, materials and workmanship is inspected and after two years the vegetation for Vegetated Corridors and Water Quality Facilities is inspected.
  4. Line tap Inspection
    Inspection of a service lateral to the public main line.
    Line Tap Procedures (PDF, 32KB)
  5. Disconnection Inspection
    Inspection of the disconnection and capping of the service lateral.
    Sanitary/Storm Demolition Procedures (PDF, 15KB)

If you need an inspection please call the Inspection hotline at (503) 681-4444.

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