The following forms are available from Clean Water Services.

Name Updated Size Topic
Electronic Debit Authorization 12/27/2013 33.2K None
Public Records Request Form 11/16/2011 33.1K None
FOG Protection Requirements 5/12/2014 61.7K Business and Industry
FOG Pump-Out Form 6/20/2008 71.9K Business and Industry
FOG Training Log 3/5/2009 109.2K Business and Industry
Grease Interceptor Trap Certification Form 6/20/2008 20.6K Business and Industry
Industrial Wastewater Discharge Application 4/28/2014 533.6K Business and Industry
Liquid Waste Hauler Permit Application 8/23/2005 48.7K Business and Industry
Preferred Pumper Registration 6/20/2008 29.8K Business and Industry
Sewered Waste Reporting Form and Instructions 9/6/2005 24.7K Business and Industry
Temporary Discharge Application Non-UST 8/23/2005 23.5K Business and Industry
Temporary Discharge Application UST 8/23/2005 23.7K Business and Industry
LID Formation Cover Letter 1/11/2006 78.9K Capital Projects
LID Formation Petition 1/11/2006 53.5K Capital Projects
Clean Water Hero Program Application 11/4/2008 198.3K Education and Outreach
River Rangers Order Form 12/26/2013 444.1K Education and Outreach
DEQ 1200-C Checklist 1/28/2016 22.5K Permit
DEQ 1200-CN Checklist 1/28/2016 22.2K Permit
DEQ Industrial Stormwater Action Plan Form 3/31/2009 10.0K Permit
DEQ No Exposure Certification Form 3/31/2009 85.9K Permit
DEQ NPDES Permit Application Form 9/7/2010 250.1K Permit
Pre-Design Meeting Request Form 1/27/2011 128.7K Permit
Sensitive Area Pre-screen Form 4/3/2015 180.9K Permit
Sensitive Areas Certification Form 4/3/2015 299.4K Permit
Service Provider Letter Amendment Form 6/25/2008 191.7K Permit
Site Development Permit Application 6/25/2008 203.3K Permit
Project Nomination Form 11/6/2008 217.7K Watershed
Streamside Property Owner Plant Request Form 8/21/2015 177.4K Watershed
Watershed Wagon Use Form 3/28/2012 126.1K Watershed

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