The following list includes reports, guides, manuals, surveys, ordinances and studies available for download.

Name Updated Size Topic
Private Water Quality Management Program 9/17/2012 9.0M None
Administration Building Complex Fact Sheet 8/24/2005 376.1K About Us
Annual Report 2011-2012 10/12/2012 5.0M About Us
Annual Report 2012-2013 12/9/2013 11.0M About Us
Chlorine Disinfection Fact Sheet 3/8/2006 1.9M About Us
Clean Water Services At a Glance 2/27/2014 1.6M About Us
Durham At a Glance 7/17/2009 5.1M About Us
Durham Brochure 4/16/2007 3.0M About Us
Field Operations Facility Fact Sheet 8/24/2005 253.0K About Us
Rock Creek Brochure 7/6/2012 1.1M About Us
Street Sweeping Fact Sheet 10/15/2007 508.3K About Us
UV Disinfection Fact Sheet 8/3/2005 92.9K About Us
Vision, Mission, Values 8/20/2009 14.1K About Us
Adopted Budget Fiscal Year 2013 8/27/2012 3.1M Budget
Adopted Budget Fiscal Year 2014 9/12/2013 8.6M Budget
Capital Improvements Program 2013-2017 6/5/2012 3.6M Budget
Capital Improvements Program 2014-2018 9/12/2013 2.3M Budget
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) 2012 12/27/2012 5.2M Budget
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) 2013 12/26/2013 2.1M Budget
Rates and Charges Fiscal Year 2013 10/18/2012 304.5K Budget
Rates and Charges Fiscal Year 2014 6/20/2013 314.6K Budget
98-26 Pretreatment Resolution and Order 2/4/2009 3.2M Business and Industry
Bulb recycling brochure 7/26/2005 110.5K Business and Industry
D Listed Hazardous Wastes 8/23/2005 12.9K Business and Industry
Dental Office Pollution Prevention 8/13/2013 679.8K Business and Industry
DEQ Factsheet - NPDES Stormwater Regulations 9/21/2006 92.2K Business and Industry
DEQ NPDES 1200Z Permit Generic Example 3/31/2009 167.4K Business and Industry
DEQ Stormwater BMP Guidance 9/21/2006 446.1K Business and Industry
DEQ Stormwater Pollution Control Plan Guidance 3/31/2009 1.6M Business and Industry
F Listed Hazardous Wastes 8/23/2005 20.1K Business and Industry
FOG Kitchen Training Program Spanish 7/6/2011 728.3K Business and Industry
FOG Kitchen Training Program 7/6/2011 782.3K Business and Industry
FOG poster 2/20/2009 2.7M Business and Industry
FOG Program Brochure 3/31/2010 553.9K Business and Industry
FOG Regulatory Inspection Program 3/5/2009 4.5M Business and Industry
Industrial Partners 2/19/2014 1.2M Business and Industry
Industrial Pretreatment Program brochure 10/10/2013 136.3K Business and Industry
Industrial Stormwater Facility Emergency Notification Procedures 9/21/2006 45.9K Business and Industry
K Listed Hazardous Wastes 8/23/2005 21.6K Business and Industry
P and U Listed Hazardous Wastes 8/23/2005 44.4K Business and Industry
Paint recycling brochure 7/26/2005 123.6K Business and Industry
RV Waste brochure 1/3/2007 414.9K Business and Industry
Sewered Waste Reporting Form and Instructions 10/25/2005 39.5K Business and Industry
Waste Lamps Ballasts 8/3/2005 93.4K Business and Industry
Customer Awareness Survey 2010 11/30/2010 2.1M Education and Outreach
HOA Fact Sheet 10/25/2012 1.1M Education and Outreach
Invasive Plant Handout 10/6/2009 4.1M Education and Outreach
Rain Runs Through It brochure 6/29/2005 546.9K Education and Outreach
Safe Roof Moss Control Fact Sheet 12/19/2011 1.0M Education and Outreach
Sewer Repairs on Private Property 10/14/2011 436.8K Education and Outreach
Stream Friendly Home and Yard Care 10/4/2012 2.5M Education and Outreach
Student Education Annual Report 2012-13 1/2/2014 1.3M Education and Outreach
Watershed Science Certificate Brochure 6/29/2006 2.6M Education and Outreach
West Nile and Stormwater FAQ's 8/15/2006 155.3K Education and Outreach
West Nile Bookmark 5/12/2005 458.4K Education and Outreach
West Nile Brochure 5/12/2005 2.8M Education and Outreach
West Nile Reponse Plan 6/22/2005 7.6M Education and Outreach
West Nile Tip Card 5/12/2005 591.4K Education and Outreach
Benefits for Non Represented Employees 8/20/2013 29.7K Employment
Benefits for Represented Employees 8/20/2013 28.2K Employment
Internship Brochure 10/5/2010 2.5M Employment
Healthy Streams Plan 8/5/2008 34.7M Healthy Streams Plan
Rapid Stream Assessment Technique 2/3/2005 692.7K Healthy Streams Plan
I-1-CIP 6/10/2005 3.8M Maps
I-2-FlowRestoration 6/10/2005 1.8M Maps
I-3-TreeChallenge 6/10/2005 1.8M Maps
I-4-Outfalls 6/10/2005 3.9M Maps
I-5-Culverts 6/10/2005 2.9M Maps
I-VicinityMap 6/10/2005 6.7M Maps
Design and Construction Standards 2007 8/18/2009 1.1M Permit
Environmental Review Process for a Service Provider Letter 9/22/2008 246.5K Permit
Erosion Prevention And Sediment Control Manual 4/6/2009 31.3M Permit
LID Brochure 11/21/2006 172.6K Permit
LID Fact Sheet 1/18/2007 25.5K Permit
LIDA Handbook 11/25/2009 15.3M Permit
Measure 37 Response 1/18/2005 279.8K Permit
Permit Process Handout 5/26/2005 44.2K Permit
Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Update 2009 8/18/2009 13.4M Permit
Slow the Flow brochure 8/23/2005 1.6M Permit
Stormwater Annual Report 2012 11/9/2012 10.3M Permit
Stormwater Annual Report 2013 11/4/2013 6.7M Permit
Watershed-based Permit Fact Sheet 3/16/2006 65.2K Permit
Watershed-based Permit 3/16/2006 302.4K Permit
Temperature Management Plan Anual Report 2013 4/3/2014 3.7M Projects and Plans
Temperature Management Plan 4/2/2014 5.9M Projects and Plans
Bacteria DNA Fingerprinting Study 6/5/2007 335.3K Watershed Info
Effective Impervious Area Report 7/18/2005 360.5K Watershed Info
Enhanced CREP and VEGBACC Brochure 2/4/2010 1.5M Watershed Info
Fish Survey In UGB (ODFW) 7/18/2005 1.0M Watershed Info
Fish Survey Outside UGB (ODFW) 7/18/2005 1.4M Watershed Info
Hydrologic Modeling 2/28/2006 6.0M Watershed Info
Integrated Pest Management Plan 10/31/2012 2.1M Watershed Info
IWRMS final report 8/11/2005 569.7K Watershed Info
Macroinvertebrate Report 2001 5/17/2005 9.7M Watershed Info
Macroinvertebrate Report 2007 8/17/2009 211.8K Watershed Info
Macroinvertebrate Report 2010 6/22/2012 3.2M Watershed Info
Streamside Care Guide 5/19/2008 2.7M Watershed Info
Tualatin Streams Assessment 2005-2006 5/23/2007 3.8M Watershed Info

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