Regulatory Affairs

The Regulatory Affairs Department (RAD) provides technical support to other District divisions and departments in the form of research and data analysis regarding ambient water quality, Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) development, permit compliance and monitoring, and influencing the development of state and federal regulations. RAD also coordinates NPDES permit renewal and annual reporting, environmental management system (EMS) implementation and Regulatory Compliance Team direction. The District's industrial pretreatment program is located in RAD. In the Regulatory Affairs Department:

Wastewater Treatment

The Wastewater Treatment Department (WWTD) provides operation, maintenance, engineering, and capital improvements for the District's wastewater treatment plants. The Laboratory Services Division provides laboratory services for not only the Wastewater Treatment Department, but for the entire District. In the Wastewater Treatment Department:

Watershed Management

The Watershed Management Department (WMD) provides leadership water resources infrastructure, strategic, watershed assessment and planning, stream stewardship and community watershed action. The WMD supports and implements programs identified in the integrated watershed based permit. Department staff partner with local governments, natural resource agencies, businesses, nonprofits, local watershed groups and citizens to address the regulatory and ecological needs of the Tualatin River Basin.


The Conveyance Systems Department (CSD) is responsible for the management, design, construction oversight, and maintenance of the conveyance systems of the District. It is composed of the Administration program, Engineering Division (which includes Capital Projects Administration, Development Related Services, and Service Delivery Planning) and Field Operations (which includes Field Operations Administration, System Repair, System Maintenance, and Surface Facility Maintenance).

Office of the General Manager

The Office of the General Manager (OGM) is responsible for ensuring implementation of the policy direction provided by the Board of Directors and for consideration of advisory input from Clean Water Services' Citizen Advisory Commission (CWAC). The OGM is also responsible for overall management and administration of District operations, intergovernmental coordination with partner
cities, Washington County, and other jurisdictions. In the Office of the General Manager:

Business Services

The Business Services Department is responsible for all financial services for the District, including strategic financial planning and direction, budget planning and development, external financial reporting through the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, bond issuance and debt management, accounting, payroll, utility billing and collection, purchasing, fleet / equipment management and risk and benefits management.

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